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Adapt with Herbal Adaptogens

One thing virtually everyone could use is help for dealing with STRESS! And one way we can do that is with adaptogens. The term adaptogen is used for herbs that are safe to use, that can increase resistance to stress and/or that have a normalizing effect on body systems. Here are just a few of […]

6 Tips to Help Relieve Stress

Stress is a normal part of life, something we all deal with in varying levels. And right now, stress is prevalent in our world. Our body is equipped to handle stress for short periods of time, but long-term activation of the stress response can cause an imbalance in the body, resulting in problems such as […]

Virus Control

From the common cold to the flu, we all deal with viruses, those small infectious agents that can enter the body and spread. While viruses can cause illness and disease in humans, our immune systems generally eliminate them. However, when our immune system is weakened, viruses can take hold and cause infection. There are many […]