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Recipe: Fruit & Nut Dessert Board with Maple Dip

A healthy and delicious dessert board with fruits, nuts and creamy maple dip.

Staying Well with Core Nutrients

From the common cold to the flu, we all deal with viruses, those small infectious bugs that can enter the body and spread. The immune system, how our bodies fight off infection, will generally eliminate these viruses or bacteria before they take hold. However, if our immune system is weakened, viruses can take hold and […]

Basics for Keeping Kids Healthy

While back to school is a common time to bolster your kids’ immune defenses, it’s clear right now that good immune defense is needed year ‘round!  After all, if they get sick, odds are you will too, which may lead to lost work time and higher health care costs. √ Healthy Diet Choices Start by […]